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Keysers River Restoration Project

06/06/2007 To celebrate World Environment Day, about 65 plants and trees of different species were planted on the corner of Honeywell and Celie Roads, Retreat next to the river, on a very cold rainy afternoon. Ideal for planting.

Part of the group gathered to listen to the introduction speech by Patrick Dowling and Andy Gubb from WESSA.

Patrick Dowling - WESSA introduced the proceedings with a short speech before the entusiastic group of local business people, City Officals and NGO members planted the different wetland species in prepared holes by Wetland Solutions (Mark Nofke, Marie van Heerden and their workers ).

The corner bed with plants waiting to be put into the soil.

The City's Parks dept supplied the trees. A number of participants could not be present as it was a work day, they were thanked for their on going support and input.

The plants were all propagated at the Working for Wetlands (Westlake branch). The 5 large Waterberry trees were planted along Cellie Road.

In a few years time this corner should look very different with the established shrubs.

To warm up and dry out after a successful planting session refreshments were served at Perrins, a local business over the road.
Patrick indicated that planning has started for greening of other sections of the River.

This project was started in July 2004.



Steering Committee

Work done 

Some views on the south side of Military Road, before the Keysers River enters the Zandvlei.

This view is south from the pipe crossing, close to where the proposed R300 Toll Road would cross the Keyser River. There is a Metro suburban train passing on the left.

This view is north from the pipe crossing, towards Military Road. The mountain on the left is Devil's Peak.

This is the confluence of the Keyser and Westlake Rivers at the railway bridge between Steenberg and Lakeside railway stations. The view is looking west, toward Constantia Mountain.


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