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R300 Toll Road (N21)

Say NO to the Toll Road!!

                                           photograph by Brendon Stein

1. March 2005

The report is still with DEAT as of March 2005. They have to make their recommendation to the National Minister of Environment for his announcement.

2. August 2004

On 12th August, Gavin Lawson and Erika Foot (Zandvlei Nature Reserve Manager) went as the delegation representing the Ring Road Forum to meet with the MEC Environment Tasneem Essop in her office. She gave us an hour of her time and noted concerns we have regarding the EIR. Her department had just received the Report and had started to review it. She undertook to do a site visit before she made her decision on the matter.

3. June 2004

The Zandvlei Trust is pleased to note the City of Cape Town mayoral committee decision to oppose the R300 Toll Road EIR (Environmental Impact Report), on the 24th June 2004.
It is clear that the proposal would severely impact on the residential and nature reserve areas, especially from Main Road, Lakeside to Strandfontein Road along the southern sector 1 in the report.
There are many other unanswered aspects in the report, that are of concern along the other alignments as well.

4. May 2004

Thank you to all the people who spent time reading the EIR and submitting your comments on time.
There have been some excellent replies.

The 28th May was the last day to comment on the draft final EIR.
The Ring Road Forum was formed in April 2004 and consists of NGO's, Civic Bodies, Environmental and other Organisations also concerned individuals, who are opposed to the proposed R300 (N21) Toll Road.

See the Ring Road Forum press release on 22/05/2004.

A very successful protest against the toll road proposal was held at the Main Road, Lakeside, on Saturday,  8th May 2004. The objective is to make more people aware in Cape Town. A fraction of the Cape Town population know anything about his toll road proposal. This will affect all people living and visiting Cape Town.
Thank you to the manager, Anton Oosthuizen of Mica Hardware, Lakeside for supplying the participants with cold drinks, it was well appreciated.

photograph by John Yeld                            photograph by Brendon Stein
Gail Bristow protesting against the proposed R300 Toll            This potential victim was really into it.
Road on Saturday 8th May from The Argus newspaper
on 10/05/2004 at Main Road, Lakeside.

 527 petitions were signed in a few hours at the information table opposite the Lakeside Shopping Centre. Many expressing... "this was the first time they had heard about the toll road proposal and the complete lack of information generally being made available to the public of Cape Town."

photograph by Rondevlei staff
These children made this poster when visiting the Rondevlei Environmental
Centre in May 2004.

More than 30 persons representing some of the Interested and Affected
parties from across the City of Cape Town at a meeting on 27/04/2004.

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