Zandvlei Trust

Another "bird has hatched" in Port Elizabeth.

Promoting the airplane homebuilding industry in South Africa.

Contact Gavin Lawson  if you are a homebuilder and require aircraft parts made or refurbished.

All the photographs by Rego Burger. 


New colour scheme and almost ready to go........ 

New outside colour added.

One gigantic new prop. Homemade spinner and all. The engine was fired up last night and none of the dog's barked. Maybe because they are now deaf.
Tonight (09/03/2010) I hope to fire it up with the prop turning, I just need to confirm the prop bolt torque limits.

The new winglets coming along nicely.

Shaping the foam blocks.                                            Taking the strain test!

Shaping the fuselarge foam parts.                           Covered in fibreglass.

More shaping.                                                         Starting to look recognisable.

Filling the strake and wing gaps.                             Sanding the foam to shape.

Under cover and out of the sun.                           Rego and his son doing layups.


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