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Launching the Zandvlei bottle canoes - 12 June 2013.

12/06/2013 - The canoes are not a figment of someones imagination. They were tried out at Zandvlei today by Josh Gericke (Manager - Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve) and Josh Gready (Student).

They just climbed on and were off. The Dragon of on the left and Penguin on the right.

This is the Dragon.

Side view of the Dragon, the bow lifts free of the water. Josh weighs 100kgs.

This is the Penguin going along well. This Josh is 75kgs and the bow lifts out the water.

The canoes are pretty stable for someone experienced at balancing a canoe. They both said the canoes could be tipped over. The design was to make them long and narrow for speed rather than stability.

They paddled around quite quickly with little noticable effort in the bay at the Sea Scout base.
Both canoes each weigh just over 15kgs.

This is the Penguin and is leaking in places on the deck and the underneath rows of bottles.

Paddling towards Constantia Nek in the distance.

The wind started to pick up from the north west, as an approaching cold front is due tomorrow.
27 White backed Duck were counted on the far side in the waterweed.

The Penguin cruising around.

Paddling in the waterweed to see what effect that would have. About the same resistance 
as an ordinary canoe, it was pronounced.

And the Penguin takes off again.

So they were pulled out of the water about 1/2 hour later, up the slipway and along the road
with little effort on the skids.

They could have easily done the Peninsula Paddle, and possibly the sea section too.
Next year !



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