Zandvlei Trust

           The 5th - 2014 Peninsula Paddle
                            22nd March 2014 at Pricessvlei.

                      Taking back the Cape Peninsula waterways.
              From Muizenberg on the False Bay to Milnerton on Table Bay;
via the vleis, rivers, canals, and waterways along the Peninsula and across the Cape Flats.

This is the Princessvlei Action and Celebration event with some of the stands. There was
a full programme of events and activities for the afternoon. 

The first time these girls had seen a bottle boat, they did not really want to go on the water with it.

Kevin Winter said he wanted to go on the water with it, so off he went.

Giving it "a good old test ride".

"It works!"

Errol Smith a "vetern Peninsula Paddler" brought his and his daughters canoe along to 
help with the WESSA floating wetland project.

Also to promote canoeing, paddling and the use of any water craft at Princessvlei.
We encouraged some of the youngsters to have fun under our instruction and watchful eye.

Waiting patiently for dad before they set off on a paddle around Princessvlei.

The Life Guards decided they wanted to try the bottle canoe.

And off she went to join the others having fun.

Kevin pushing this boy off, first time on a bottle canoe.

Mean time the Lfe Guards are busy "floating this boat".

Errol giving instructions to the boy in the yellow canoe. The Life Guards having to hold 
the purple canoe into the wind so it did not drift in the way or into the other canoe.

.... and off he goes.

This little boy did not want to get out the canoe he was having a wonderful time with the
Life Guards looking after him.

The youngsters were having fun in the canoes.

Dr Kevin Winter answering Patrick Dowlings (WESSA) queries on the water quality results
taken in the vlei a week before. George Davis ( )is recording the event.
This was the last event on the afternoons activity programme, launching the floating wetland islands.

Job completed the floating islands have been towed into position and anchored. The
test is to see how the wetland plants adapt on their island.

  • Will birds use the islands as a roost?

  • What other creatures will colonise the islands?

  • Will fish use them as a refuge?

It was getting quite gloomy with the dark clouds above as we made our way home.

See the photos of the  Peninsula Paddle 2013.



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