Zandvlei Trust


Minutes of the quarterly committee meeting held at the Zandvlei Imperial Yacht Club
on Wednesday, 11 August 2010 at 14:00.

1. Opening and welcome

Cllr Demeteri Qually opened the meeting and welcomed all present. He Chaired the meeting ing Cassy's absence. An attendance register was sent around and apologies received were read out. We sat outside on the lawn as the keys were not available for the hall.

Attendance Register

D Qually 
M van Heerden
E Rayners
M Thompson
M Gamieldien
J Sher
L Jackson
R MacLean
P Joubert
J Fowkes
G Lawson


D Gibbs
C Haskins
J Ridley
P Hepple 
S Fowkes
V Wilson

1. Management Plan 
The Lynn Jackson report that was discussed at the meeting had a good response and she will circulate the new objectives for Zandvlei once more. Meeting with user groups will start 18/08/2010.

2. Water levels
CS: Rubble weir was re-heightened by Talcott’s section. MT to provide new level to CS - 0, 7 MASL. Recreational users seemed happy. MTreported Talcott’s will make dates available for the closing of the mouth.

3. Water Quality
CS: Litter cleanup 5th June on Park Island, approximately 50 refuse bags of rubbish were collected and approximately 30 bags of recycling. About 40 people attended the litter clean up and an additional 25 learners from two schools. MT: The mouth has been open the whole of winter, thus flushing out majority of the nutrients, which resulted in good water quality. There is less saline water due to the opening of the mouth.

4. Pondweed
CS: Waiting for the MOU from Parks Dept. as well as funding for a labour broker while waiting for advert to go out to fill the post. ER: Both machines are being tested and one is fully operational. Parks are still adhering to the weed harvester plan. Water levels are good however, problem with pond weed on the banks.The grab truck was unoperational, however once repaired an extra truck will collect the pond weed. Duration for clearing: 3-4 weeks. LJ: Would like to be involved with the removal of pond weed for the management plan. DC: Weed harvester needs to be up and running as well as spares organised. 

5. Litter traps
PJ: agreed to follow up concerning litter traps and with Talcott’s.CS: Removed 10 refuse bags of rubbish from where the contractors dumped next to Sand River. Need for more litter traps. PJ

6. Doggy Doo bins and cleanups
CS: Further request for more bins, however currently no funding.

7. Park Island
CS: Brush piles are a fire hazard. Applying for a burning permit for next season. PH: Organized groups to plant and clean. 

8. Tube worms
Nothing new to report.

9. Mallards
CS: Louis Stafford is setting up a national strategy for mallards.GL: Stated that the number of mallards has increased.

10. Fish
CS: There was a weekend check for permits along Muizenberg beach and 22 people were requested to present their permits for prawn pumping. 6 individuals were asked to leave the beach. CS still trying to obtain a fisheries control officers appointment card.

11. Invasive Waterweed
CS: 80% of water Hyacinth was removed from the Sand River. Still have a problem with water crest, willow herb and wandering jew. JF: Water affairs misplaced funds for biological control agents and the research unit will be closed down. Pond weed biological control agents will arrive next week. Due to dry weather in the Eastern Cape the weevils have died, resulting in no weevils being available for the bio control unit. JF: received more funding for the plastic pools for the nursery. Funding should be utilized before the end of August 2010. JF: Requested that CS look into making use of reed beds as scrubbing beds, which was mentioned at the Fynbos Forum. GL: Five water blommetjies on the western and eastern sides of the bridge.

12. Signage
Nothing new to report.

13. Other business
a. Boardsail Inn
Nothing new to report
b. Mowing of areas
CS: Reeds at yacht club have been cut. ER: Difficulty in acquiring tenders for contractors for the next three years.The Eastern side belongs to conservation thus they are required to maintain the grounds.DQ: requests that a schedule be set up for mowing and reed harvesting. 
c. Henley on Vlei flats
Nothing new to report
d. Visitor controllers and Law Enforcement
CS: Quotation sourced and sent to Councillor Qually for approval. DQ: stated he received quotation. 

14. Closure and date of next meeting
The next meeting scheduled for 20th October 2010 at 14:00 at the Imperial Yacht Club.


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