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Minutes of the quarterly committee meeting held at Zandvlei Environmental Education Centre at 14h00 on the 30th March 2011.

1. Opening and welcome

Vaughn Thompson opened the meeting and welcomed all present. An attendance register was sent around and apologies received were read out. 

Attendance Register

V Thompson
M van Heerden
M Thompson


J Fowkes
Cllr. D Qually

2. Management Plan
Management plan process, the next step. 
VT: Management plan format had to be changed and re-sent.

3. Water levels
MT: water level, 1,15m and mouth opened today. Zandvlei staff can inform Talcott if concerned with water level.

4. Water Quality
MT: water quality is fine. Scientific Services can also do heavy metal testing if needed.

5. Pondweed
VT: want to change cutting schedule and monitoring system. Weed harvester post filled and changed to a T7. Have rented a truck for pond weed removal but no post attached to the operating truck.

6. Litter traps
Litter traps & litter cleanups 
VT: Litter traps need to be cleaned.

7. Doggy Doo bins and cleanups
Nothing to report.

8. Park Island
VT: the Park Island building was broken into. Will start to enforce that dogs need to be on a leash.

9. Tube worms
MvH: Student will start with the tube worm project.

10. Mallards
VT: count still needs to be done.
GL: delay with National Strategy causes the mallard numbers to increase in the meantime.

11. Fish
MvH: Fish survey to be done in April with Oceans and Coast.Martin: Zandvlei should ask Oceans and Coasts when are the fish migrations into the estuary for management of the opening and closing of mouth.

12. Invasive Waterweed
VT: Talcott will remove the hyacinth in the Sand River canal once he has finished with Hout Bay.MT: need to choose certain points at the winlands so that the measurements can be done and this will take a while.

13. Signage
VT: order has been made for signage.

14. Other business
a. Mowing of areas 
VT: western shore has been mowed. 
b. Westlake Wetlands 
VT: will see if permit can still be done. 
c. Visitor Controllers and law enforcementVT: visitor controllerís contract ends at the end of April. Vaughn will be in charge of the law enforcement at Zandvlei.

15. Closure and date of next meeting
The next meeting scheduled for 29th June 2011 at 14:00 in the Educational Centre at Zandvlei Nature Reserve. 


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