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Minutes of the quarterly committee meeting held at the Zandvlei Imperial Yacht Club
on Wednesday, 12 May 2010 at 14:00.

1. Opening and welcome

Cassy Sheasby opened the meeting and welcomed all present. An attendance register was sent around and apologies received were read out.

Attendance Register

C Sheasby
D Qually 
M van Heerden
E Rayners
M Thompson
M Gamieldien
J Sher
R MacLean
J Ridley
P Joubert
J Fowkes
G Lawson


D Gibbs
A Roji
C Haskins
L Swartz
C Erasmus
P Hepple 
S Fowkes
V Wilson

2. Water levels
The mouth will be kept open for winter and for the spring tides.Rob requests that a meeting needs to be held for dates so that canoe events can be planned around spring tide.

3. Water Quality
MT reports: salinity at Zandvlei is good and the phosphorus is not too bad. Signage has been put up concerning the green algae and the signs will remain up until the algae has is no longer in the system. CS relayed that a litter clean up will take place on the 5th of June and the Zandvlei Trust will be supplying the food.

4. Pondweed
ER: Main machine is in for a service and by the end of the week both machines will be operational. Attended a meeting with the director about the future plans and one machine will go to Zandvlei (Biodiversity Management branch) to manage. JR: There needs to be a list with the parts required for the machine so there is stock and a maintenance shedule should be set up. There should be a cover over the machine where the workers sit so that they do not get wet during winter months.Proper maintenance and stock of machinery parts should help.DQ: Institutional (mechanical and hydraulic) knowledge on the weed harvester is currently lacking. ER: A cutting course should be drawn up for Marina Da Gama. And this should be done by the City of Cape Town.

5. Litter traps
CS: The contractors that clean the litter traps dumped a large pile adjacent to the Sand River. Spoke to TP about replacing the broken net and placing at an angle. DQ: Should do a pamphlet drop/awareness drive to educate the surrounding community about the effects of litter and ways to do it less.CS: Zandvlei needs more nets from the Sand River Catchment and there is a need for steel traps. The litter has increased over the past three years as well as the water volume.

6. Doggy Doo bins and cleanups
CS: The bins were put up and two days later the bins were being used. Zandvlei nature reserve staff will be emptying the bins.

7. Park Island
CS: PH has sent her apologies and sent nothing to report for the meeting. It is not a good idea to use chippings along the pathway as alien plants will be introduced into the system, also makes walking uncomfortable and increases the nutrient loading of the system which we donít want.

8. Tube worms
Nothing new to report.The residence can report to Zandvlei if they see any evidence of tube worms.

9. Mallards
CS: The removal efforts have been put on hold due to lack of capacity which has been reported to Louise Stafford. Good possibility that Zandvlei has the biggest breeding population so the removal programme needs to be reinstated as soon as the National strategy has been adopted.

10. Fish
CS: There was a weekend check for permits, all fisherman were in possession of the correct permits and bag limits were adhered to.

11. Invasive Waterweed
JF: The water lettuce has moved to the mouth and there is very little hyacinth left in the Westlake area. The biological will be put in again in early spring.CS: Nature reserve staff started to remove water hyacinth in Sand River. Willow herb, Wandering Jew and Water cress are problematic and will be monitored to prevent the clogging of the river.

12. Signage
CS: Information signage: Cromadek has been ordered, screenprinting is the next step.

13. Other business
a. Boardsail Inn
Squatters were on the island and law enforcement will check the island again. CS
b. Mowing of areas
Some areas should not be mowed. The new growth of the reeds next to the Yacht Club will be sprayed. CS
c. Henley on Vlei flats
CS: The landscaping looks good.
d. Visitor controllers and Law Enforcement
The contract has ended and it was successful. A new tender will be posted. The visitor controllers will not work during the week, they will work over the weekends, holidays and public holidays. CS

14. Closure and date of next meeting
The next meeting scheduled for 14th July 2010 at 14:00 at the Imperial Yacht Club. Please note this amendment:
New date: 11 August 2010 at 14:00 at the Imperial Yacht Club. 


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