Zandvlei Trust

The  Prinskasteel River inspection on 03 April 2008.

Starting near the Arboretum in the Tokai plantation, we walked the river course, documenting conditions as we found them, using a checksheet. The GPS co-ordinates and photgraphs will help the first hand knowledge gained and recorded. This information will help City officials, contractors, the land owners and others better understand the conditions for the future management of the Catchment.
Those participating, Martin Thompson, Mandy Nofke, Zanie Cilliers, Cherry Giljam, James Forsyth and Gavin Lawson.

Inspecting gabion PR003.                                         Checking water levels and potential flood issues.

Inspecting gabion PRK005

fungus on an oak tree                                     PRK006 gabion

PRK006 gabion another view.                                   Lower Tokai planation at PRK017

The very large PRK017 gabion                                   A very rare protea of the Sandplain Fynbos

Another success of a Cone bush re - established in the Soetvlei area.


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