Zandvlei Trust

The  Prinskasteel River inspection on 18 July 2008.

Starting at the Stone Church  (off Orpen Road) James Forsyth led the group via the Porter Estate School, where very large scale dumping and infilling of the Prinseskasteel River at Soetvlei is taking place. This on the northern side of the river below the Spaanschemat River Road.

Those participating, Martin Thompson, Zanie Cilliers, Suretha van Rooyen, Andy Greenwood, James Forsyth, Mandy Nofke, Cherry Giljam, and Gavin Lawson.

Inspecting a gabion which WfW teams had           Accessing the waterflow and levels.
recently completed.

Documenting the work done.                              Discussing the improved conditions.

James giving us the neighbours impressions.             Mandy pointing out the route across the M3 road.

This is the Lower Tokai planation outflow            All are impressed with the improvements.


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