Zandvlei Trust

Source-to-Sea workshop - Zandvlei section - 19 March 2009.

Mandy Noffke (Envirosolutions) called a workshop to input "the locals" knowledge of pathways and routes which can be used by the public for the Zandvlei area. These routes will be incorporated and linked to the "other routes", already workshoped, to the north and west along the Keysers and Princesskasteel Rivers. Also to the Langevlei River, and the routes to Princessvlei
Mandy and Marie Abraham will combine the routes onto the GIS maps already done for the Source-to-Sea project.
This is a sub committee of the Sand River Catchment Forum and Mandy's work is being paid for by The Pedal Power Association, Friends of Tokai and Friends of Constantia Greenbelts.

The idea is to have walking, bicycling and horse riding along the water courses in future designated formal  pathways. People may utilise the open spaces for recreation, exercise and commuting to and from schools and shops, off the main busy and congested roads.
It is hoped in future to include these routes for guided tourist groups as an educational tour incorporating local culture, history, social and natural information as part of the tour.

Part of the group Peta, Cherry, Marie, Mandy                      David Muller studying one of the maps.
and David at the Zandvlei Yacht Club.


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