Zandvlei Trust

The Zandvlei Action Committee.

Minutes of the meeting held on 25 April 2007 at 14h00 in the Zandvlei Sports Club.

1. Welcome and Introductions

Natalie Newman welcomed all present and opened the meeting. It was discussed and decided that the Nature Conservation branch would Chair the meeting in future.

2. Attendance Register

C Sheasby
D Gibbs
C Giljam
R de La Cruz
P Joubert
J Sher
M Thompsom
N Newman
G Lawson
L Harrison 


T Persent
Pam Bilby
Candice Haskins
Rob Maclean 

Minutes of the previous meeting
The minutes of the previous meeting were adopted without alteration.

2.  Water levels

MT announced that the spring tides timetable is available in book format from the Navy and events should be arranged around them such as canoeing events etc. Spring tides that are below 1.8m are not taken into account and the mouth remains closed. TP buys the publication. An electronic version to be sourced if possible. MT reported that TP picked up water level irregularities on the meter which needs to be fixed.   Action:  TP

3. Water Quality

CS read out the reports available to her. Keysers River alarming with 3800 Faecal coliforms per 100ml in April. NN suggested that Candice Haskins pull the water quality reports for the last eight to ten years to show trends. If the sites that are tested can be added to such as the canals entering the waterbody where the water quality seems to be poorest. NN reported good clarity with very little turbidity. Less Cladiphora present than previous years but pondweed is on the increase. MT stated that the salinity is very high, between 16 and 20. CS to get other refractometer to GL.
SC and CH.

4 Pondweed

TP: One machine was out of order again. The machines will be repaired (design faults) during servicing. Engineering company to modify the front section during the new financial year. PJ asked if the weed that is cut is collected. RDLC explained that the harvesters cut one day and collect the cut weed the next day. CG again expressed the need for the harvested weed to be stockpiled in the nature reserve for schools etc. CS reassured her that this is being arranged. CS has placed a chipper for Zandvlei Nature Reserve on the wishlist for next year’s capital budget.

5. Litter traps 

TP has started the tender process for new litter nets to be erected as the old tender expired and new quotes are being sourced. PJ reported that netting is available from Marine and Coastal Management as well as cables and rope. PJ and GL worked on the existing net and reinforced it with new netting for the coming storm. CS reported that a meeting was called to discuss the litter nets and that long term the positioning of the net and the opening up of the canals into the reserve would have to take place to absorb more of the storm impact.
Action: TP

6. Park Island

CS reported that the materials needed for the repairs have been handed to Natalie Williams to order. CS to investigate whether new litter nets are needed to replace the old ones around the bird hide or if these ones need repairing. CG enquired about placing netting under pedestrian bridges on Park Island to act as litter traps, however this may injure or trap birds. CS, CG and PJ to source possible solutions.
Action: CS, CG, PJ

7. Tube worms

CS to find a copy of Farrah Feldman’s report.
Action: CS

8.  Mallards 

Cape Nature is supposed to co-ordinate the eradication programme of Mallard ducks, but they are not doing so. Capacity is lacking to do the eradication from Zandvlei’s side. NN to email Gail of Cape Nature. Action: NN

9.  Channel Scouring 

MT to forward the study to Ninham Shand. Silt will have to be removed which will be a long term project. NN spoke to Marine and Coastal Management who have concerns on the sand bar and the fish migration. Ninham Shand has a flood model that the effects of the sand bar will have on flooding, fish movements etc. can be gauged by. CS to place Marine and Coastal Management onto the distribution list of the minutes. CG asked that David Watt be included into the ZAC meetings as a representative of the fishermen. DG enquired into what is happening with the rubble weir and the future of it. Future solutions need to be found for this to be rectified.
Action: MTand CS

10.  Invasive Waterweed

DG suggested that areas around Westlake can be stocked with weevils (for water hyacinth) from Rondevlei as a test and that TP needs to be informed not to clear these areas.

11. Signage

CS to design generic signage for the whole of GZENR. There is money on the budget to make plates. Has been put on the capital budget wishlist for 2007/2008.
Action: CS

Other Business:

a. Litter
NN discussed that there is a jurisdiction problem when it comes to where the litter is generated, where it goes and who is meant to remove it. The braai and picnic areas are hotspots for litter generation. Law Enforcement should be on site more often and must be more visible. RDLC reported that the contractor cleans these areas on Mondays, Fridays, Public Holidays and the day that follows Public Holidays. These areas must be cleaned by 10am. The security is contracted through the Parks and Rec dept on Ward Allocation budget. Bags of litter should not be left overnight on site. NN suggested litter fences to catch litter before it gets to the water. GL suggested having branded bags made: pay R1 for a bag, get R2 back when you bring back a full bag of rubbish. A rubbish holding area needs to be made. RDLC suggested that the braai area should be clustered, fenced and locked at night keeping the rubbish from getting into the water. Toilets are also problematic on this site. Amenities wants to hand these toilets over to Parks and Rec as of June 2007. Parks is going to erect new signage and the areas will be closed at certain times, but law enforcement needs to enforce this. Law Enforcement takes too long to respond or does not respond at all to complaints of this area. Busses are also causing a problem here from parking point of view. NN suggested that post and rail fencing should be put up to prevent this in future.

b. Kite Festival
CS reported that the area where the Kite Festival is held now falls into the boundary of the GZENR and she has been in contact with the organisers and explained that ECO will be needed etc.

c. Weather Station
GL reported that the weather station still needs a site and that a sponsor of R15 000 and R3 000 per annum needs to be found for it to work. Info is sent to UCT.

d. Boardsail Inn
CS reported that the Boardsail Inn building was bulldozed into the estuary by the Amenities department and that Nature Conservation has followed it up with them. They have to rehabilitate the site to standards set out by Nature Conservation in a specified timeframe failing which legal proceedings will ensue. The rehabilitation to date has been satisfactory.

12.  Closure and date of next meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for the 18th July 2007 at 14:00 in the Imperial Yacht Club.


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