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Historical survey Dutch maps from the 1700's of the Constantia valley and Zandvlei area.

These photographs of maps and survey paintings were supplied by James Forsyth and are from a book titled;
Grote Atlas van de Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie - Comprehensive Atlas of the Dutch East India Company by Bea Brommer with contributions by Leon Hattingh, Dan Sleigh, and Hein Zielstra.

photograph by James Forsyth.

The books cover.

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Steenberg and parts of False Bay by Johannes Schumacher 1776 - 1777
a water-colour on paper.

Note the number of Silver trees (or Wittebome) are indicated in the painting. This view would be near the present day Alphen farm.


Constantia valley looking over False Bay towards Handklip in the south east, by Johannes Schumacher 1776 - 1777
a water-colour on paper.

Looking towards Zandvlei and False Bay from high up on the slopes above present day Buitenverwagting farm on the road to the top of Constantiaberg.


Wynberg Military camp looking towards False Bay by Friderici 1787 on the oders of Governor Van de Graaf.

Note how far inland the sand dunes are indicated along the False Bay coast near Zandvlei. The view is from where Wynberg hill is today.


A section of a detailed survey map of the western Cape date unknown.

Part of a very detailed survey map indicating all the mountains, passes, roads, tracks, rivers and major buildings for the south western Cape districts. This section is of the Cape Flats areas, with Cape Hangklip in the south east.


A detailed section of a survey map of the peninsula mountain range and Constantia Valley date unkown.

A detailed survey map indicating all the roads, tracks and buildings for the southern peninsula areas including Hout Bay. Notice that there is no detail of the Cape Flats areas.


A detailed section of Constantia vally and Zandvlei date unknown.

Note the detail of the Zandvlei catchment. The Diep and Spaanschemat Rivers. The extent of the sand dunes can be seen on the eastern side of Zandvlei.


A detailed section of Zandvlei with Swanswyk farm date unknown.

Note the size and outline of Zandvlei on this map.


A detailed section of Zandvlei with Ronde and Zeekoe vleis also indicating Diep vlei which is Princessvlei today, date unknown.

In this map the present day Princessvlei is indicated as Diep vlei. Also note the sizes of Ronde vlei and Zeekoe vlei. The roads are shown in red.


Another map showing Bergvleit, Swanswyk and Diep vlei, date unknown.

Note there is a reference to Buffels Valey.


In this survey map dated 1787 by Friderici for Governor Van de Graaf.

Note the wetlands and water bodies north of Zandvlei running in a east west direction. These are possibly Blouvlei in present day Retreat. Also the outlet of Zandvlei into False Bay.



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