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Zandvlei Catchment Rivers

The source of all the rivers of Zandvlei rise in the Cape Peninsula Mountains. The Diep River has the longest course, approximately 15 kilometers from source to Zandvlei.
These rivers are the life blood of Zandvlei and have to be carefully monitored to make sure of the sustainability of Zandvlei.

photograph by Greg Morgan

Prinskasteel River in May 2010.

photograph by Greg Morgan

Prinskasteel River in May 2007.

Click to see a map of the catchment rivers and boundaries, from the Management Plan.

In recent years, developments along the water courses have impacted negitively, in that excessive nutrients (fertilizers) and sediments (top soil erosion) are being deposited in Zandvlei in the high run off periods. Also seroiusly affecting the rivers is the lack of road gutter and storm water drain sump cleaning. The silt ends up in the storm water drains which feeds into the rivers and then into Zandvlei. If damming and water extraction of these rivers is not carefully controlled, the inflow to Zandvlei can be seriously affected.

Zandvlei is an estuary, which has a delicate, cyclic and seasonal balance of sea to fresh water mix. This mix determines its life supporting capabilities.

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Sand River

Langevlei River

Keyser River

Westlake River

Grootboschkloof River

Prinskasteel River

Spaanschemat River

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